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Crystal Ball Nail Scales - Deep Royal Blue Metallic Nail Glitter

Crystal Ball Nail Scales - Deep Royal Blue Metallic Nail Glitter

Crystal Ball is a deep royal blue metallic glitter, and pairs best with Wizardry Nail Polish.

Nail Scales are 2mm hexagon glitters that are perfect for doing sequin nail art. These glitters are solvent-resistant, meaning that you should be able to use them with regular nail polish, nail gels, polygel, and acrylic without having to worry about the color melting off. Gel and acrylic are going to be ideal for encapsulating such large pieces of glitter if you want them to be completely smooth, but if you (like me) are horribly, violently allergic to those types of nail products, fear not! For you can still pull off this method with my Quick Dry Top Coat! I did all of the swatches in the product photos this way, capping each nail with two generous coats. The more flatly you're able to apply the Nail Scales, the easier and smoother the top coating will be.


How to do the magic:
First apply the included matching base color to act as a background for the Nail Scales. This gives the best coverage and the most cohesive result by allowing you to leave a tiny bit of space between each scale. This gives you the flattest result as well, by eliminating the urge to squeeze them close together and overlap them. I know that's what you want to do. Don't do it. Give them some room to shine. I'm serious.



Next, once the base color is dry, it's time to start placing the scales. If you're using gel (which you can totally use on top of my nail polishes as long as it’s fully dry), apply a full coat of top coat, use a wax pencil to place every scale you intend to, and cure at the end. But if you're using regular nail polish, you're going to have to work with drying time. The simplest way to do that is to apply in sections. I usually work in rows, so I'll paint on a horizontal strip of top coat, starting at the cuticle, and use my wax pencil to stick on as many scales as possible before it dries. Be careful not to press too hard and squish the nail polish underneath. Then I'll apply another strip of top coat above the last row (don't worry too much about overlapping the top coat onto the previous scales, it won't make a difference in the end) and apply another row or two of scales, and repeat until I reach the tip of the nail. Let it dry for a bit so the scales stay in place, and apply top coat. If you want it smoother, let it dry and do another coat. In theory, you could just keep applying top coats ad infinitum, but I usually only need two, and those scales absolutely will not budge until I file them off.



Additional tips:
If you’re doing this on natural nails, use a peel-off base coat if you don’t want to file the Nail Scales off. The solvent-resistance and air-tight flat seal they create on top of the base polish makes them almost impossible to soak off with acetone. If you do remove them by filing, use the base color as an indicator to keep you from filling too far down, and use acetone to remove any remaining bits of scales and polish.



Placing the scales is going to involve some personal judgement. The hexagonal shape means that they fit together just fine on their own, but you have to deal with filling out the size and shape of your nails. As mentioned above, I strongly encourage you to leave some wiggle room between each scale, and this especially goes for those edges. I don't care if you have to say a prayer or cast a spell, DO NOT let yourself place the scales all the way to the edge. Leave some space, and definitely do not let the scales overhang. And for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT FILE overhanging glitter. They're matte white underneath the color, and it will look terrible and you'll hate yourself. Neither of us wants that. This is where the base color comes in handy. It'll fill in the empty spaces for you. Let it do its job. Chill.



If you're using regular nail polish, you can also use your fingers to GENTLY press down the scales so they lay more flat. Try to do this while the nail polish underneath is still slightly squishable, but dry to the touch. If it's too wet, you'll just smear the scales out of place and create a much bigger problem. And if it's too dry, pressing them won't do much. Try to find that sweet spot.



And just one more tip: don't overthink it. I've done these nails totally sloppy, placing the scales close or far, neatly fit together or rotated sideways in any orientation, or a mix of neat and sloppy, and they look pretty much the same in the end. The only thing that really takes away from the mirror ball look is overlapping the scales. Seriously, don't do that.



I just like placing the hexagons neatly fit together because I personally find it satisfying and relaxing to do, like a jigsaw puzzle. It's really not necessary.


If you need help with any step of the process, please send me a message! I've been doing nails like this for well over a decade and I've probably made every mistake possible along the way!

Nail Scales come in a clear jar with a gold-rimmed lid and are 4.5g measured by weight only. Some shades will look fuller than others. And as always, everything in my shop is vegan and cruelty-free!


Let me know if you have any questions about these or anything else in my shop, dude. I'd love to help you out, just send me a message!


    Shipping takes about 2-5 business days. Processing on all orders generally takes about 6-8 business days. I'm only one person, I do everything myself, and most products are made-to-order. Please keep this in mind if you need your order by a certain time, for an event, etc. If you're not sure, send me a message or email and I'll let you know the soonest I could get your order shipped. I'm usually pretty flexible, but it's always going to depend on my current workload.


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